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Are your new devices giving you a technology headache? Don’t fret, Geeky Clean Tech School is here!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do lessons take place? We offer lessons at our office location in sunny Pacific Beach. Our address is 2204 Garnet Ave #200 on the corner of Garnet and Olney street with plenty of street parking as well as below the building. We also offer on site lessons at your home, apartment, office or anywhere else you’d like to have the lesson take place.

How are lessons structured? That depends on your current skill level. We have crafted our own lesson plans that cover devices front to back in an intuitive manner; covering the basics then eventually moving on to more advanced topics. However if you have a particular topic or service you would like to learn how to use we can craft a lesson plan tailored specifically for what you want!

Do you offer group classes? Currently at this time we do not offer group classes larger than 3. We have found that anything more than 3 students can hinder the progression of all students, especially when skill levels vary. For group classes the cost is $80 for 2 students per hour or $100 for 3 students per hour.

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