Computer Repair Services

When you come to Geeky Clean PC we offer you a personalized computer repair experience based on your technology needs. Our free estimates and diagnostics serve a number of purposes, most important is ensuring we are on the same page. Communication is key for us to get the job done right the first time. In most cases we are able to provide an estimate while you wait, if the problem is a bit more serious we ask for up to 24 business hours to complete a full diagnostic where we provide you all the options, not just the profitable ones. If it doesn’t make sense to spend money on computer repair services, we will tell you so. Trust is number 1. Once you lose it, it’s even harder to gain it back.

mac computer repair

Mac Repair

We offer incredible turn around times because we keep parts for a wide range of Mac models and buy quality Grade A parts. No matter who you have complete your repair make sure they are using original parts, otherwise you may experience problems down the line. By ensuring our quality is of the highest standard we can offer 60 day warranties on most parts and services. Click the Mac computer to see rates for some of our more popular services including screen repairs and keyboard replacements.

pc computer repair

PC Repair

If you have a PC, you should be no stranger to computer problems. PC’s, or more accurately Windows based computers, are far from immune to problems. Because of its more open and customizable nature and much higher market share, PC’s are susceptible to a fair number of problems you rarely hear about with Mac’s. Be sure to ask us for some tips if you find yourself having problems using a Windows based PC. Click the Windows PC to see rates for some of our more commonly used PC services.

Data recovery

Data Recovery

Our data recovery services are great for a wide range of problems. We can recover your data from broken laptops, flash drives, external hard drives and memory cards to name a few. We can even recover data if it has been deleted* or the drive has accidentally been formatted and erased. All data recovery services have a 1-3 diagnostic time due to the nature of the repairs. Click on the hard drive to see a list of our common data recovery rates and turnaround times.

networking services and computer repair

Networking Services

Moving into a new home or office? Having a hard time using the WiFi in specific parts of your home or office? We can help with these networking problems and more. We will work with you to determine the best method to improve your connection the internet and the rest of the world. Ask about Mesh networks to increase your WiFi capabilities or Powerline adapters to get your desktop or gaming/streaming device a hardline* connection.


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