Networking Services

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Are you in need of some San Diego IT Services? We can help with a number of different networking problems including but not limited to

  • Router / Network Setup
  • Router / Network Troubleshooting and Upgrades
  • Slow Wifi / Internet Problems
  • Have to reset your router daily problems
  • Printer offline problems
  • PCI Compliant Network Configuration and Testing
  • Network Storage and Backup Solutions (No more plugging in to back up means you’ll probably back up more often!)
  • IP Cameras & CCTV DVR


Network Infrastructure:

As part of our premier San Diego IT services, we offer fast and secure network infrastructure design, setup and troubleshooting. All of our amazing services come backed by labor and parts manufacturer warranties. Only the best San Diego IT Services providers compete with Geeky Clean PC in terms of quality of service, reliability, and professionalism. Simple home and small office office setups to complicated networks involving servers or databases are no problem for the experienced technicians at Geeky Clean PC.


Network Storage Solutions; RAID & Non-RAID:

Need a backup system for one or more computers/workstations? We offer custom network server builds that cater to your specific needs and environment. We have experience with Linux, Windows, and Open BSD/FreeNAS systems for redundancy and security. These FreeNAS systems are typically for much larger volumes of data since they are typically capable of running better hardware than a smaller Synology System.

Not to be discouraged, we still offer and recommend Synology backups for some users. Users who mainly care about files and not so much programs would benefit from the simplicity of using a Synology based, automatic backup system.



Thanks for visiting Geeky Clean PC, on of the leading San Diego IT Service providers. We offer quick, affordable, and reliable PC, Mac, Networking and other technology related projects. We’ve made it a priority to stay up to date on technology; we’ve got past projects in Networking, Server builds and maintenance as well as IT infrastructure planning and more! Geeky Clean PC technicians are trained to provide you with only the solutions you need, not just the most expensive option. We won’t lie to you just so you pay to have a repair completed. We wouldn’t like that if our plumber did the same to us, so we won’t do the same to you!



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