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Thanks for visiting San Diego PC Computer Repair by Geeky Clean PC! We offer affordable and fast PC computer repair and support services in your home or office, or at our computer repair store.
We service all PC computers, both laptops and desktops and all of the different operating systems from: Windows 98 – Windows 8. Our technicians are trained professionals that can work to solve any of your PC computer problems. Ranging from Data Transfers to new Windows Installations and upgrades, our staff can help solve your problems and return your computer as quickly as possible.
Call now and we’ll help figure out your PC computer problem for free. Here at Geeky Clean PC we offer free computer diagnostics. Come by and drop your computer off and we’ll call you back as soon as we identify the issue. We won’t charge you until we’ve consulted you on the proper repairs.

Common PC Computer Services

  • Windows Installations
  • Malware and Virus removal
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Water Damage       Needs diagnostic
  • Power Jack Replacement
  • Data Recovery and Data Transfer
  • Email Transfer
  • Laptop Cleaning and Maintenance

Services with an (f) are flat rate services 


All repairs are covered by an amazing 90 day labor warranty. New parts are covered by a 6 month warranty. Used part warranties will vary by cost and availability.

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