Networking Services

Are you in need of some networking help? We can help with a number of different network problems including but not limited to

  • Router / Network Setup
  • Router / Network Troubleshooting and Upgrades
  • Slow Wifi / Internet Problems
  • Have to reset your router daily problems
  • Printer offline problems
  • PCI Compliant Network Configuration and Testing
  • Network Storage and Backup Solutions (No more plugging in to back up means you’ll probably back up more often!)
  • IP Cameras & CCTV DVR


Network Infrastructure:

We install, support and manage Networking Infrastructure as well as Client-Server networks and Peer-to-Peer for businesses and homes. If you have several stand-alone computers in your Home/office, you might be missing out on a lot of convenient features if it is not set up correctly.


Network Storage Solutions; RAID & Non-RAID:

Need a backup system for one or more computers/workstations? We offer custom network server builds that cater to your specific needs and environment. We have experience with Linux, Windows, and Open BSD/FreeNAS systems for redundancy and security.


CCTV, IP Cameras, DVR:

Our sister company, San Diego CCTV Pros, is one of the largest CCTV contractors in the county. Some of their clients include Costco Wholesale Corporation, U.S. Customs & Border Protection: San Diego Sector, California Prison Industry Authority and much more! Give them a call today to have your security setup designed and installed by one of the best CCTV contractors in the state!




Thanks for visiting Geeky Clean PC, one of the leading IT Service providers in San Diego. We offer affordable, quick and reliable PC & Mac computer repair and support services. We also offer services for most computer related technologies around today including but not limited to Networking services, Server builds and maintenance, IT planning & much more! Our technicians are trained to provide you with the solutions you need, not just the most expensive solution. All services come with a 90 day labor guarantee and parts generally come with at least a 60 day warranty. Whether you need a bit of data recovery or your dog knocked a cup of coffee onto your computer, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call, start a chat or stop on by today!

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