Mac Repair

Mac Repair

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 Having some problems with your Mac but don’t want to pay Apple’s flat fee repair rate? You probably still need Mac repair and we can help you out! We perform only the necessary repairs to get your computer running reliably again. Instead of spending $750 for everything, yes everything including something like a bad LCD, we price our repair rates by parts replaced/repaired…just like any other repair industry. Why? Because it makes sense and it’s fair for everyone.

Do you see your problem pictured above? Click on a problem image to get some more information about cost for your specific device as well as expected turnaround time. Of course you can always give us a call or stop on by to get a free diagnostic and estimate!


All repairs are covered by an amazing 90 day labor warranty. New parts are covered by a 6 month warranty. Used part warranties will vary by cost and availability.

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