How to Check a Model Number

Apple/Mac Device Examples

If your device can still turn on, you can also find this information in the system settings / information pages. For a Mac device click the Apple logo in the top left corner and select “About this Mac.” The screen that appears will display your model in a different identifier code that follows “Model, Size, Model Year.” For iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPods you can find the same screen under Settings->General->About.

Find Mac Model Number in the Operating System

Find Mac Model Number on the Device(usually on the bottom of the device)
You can find the model and serial number for a Windows machine in the following ways.

If you can boot into the device, from the desktop press and hold the Windows key on the keyboard then press the R key. ¬†For the serial number type “cmd” into the Run window that appeared then press enter. A command prompt window will appear, it is black and white and looks like an old computer screen. Don’t be afraid. Type in or copy and paste “wmic bios get serialnumber” without the quotation marks, then press enter. Your serial number will be displayed, write it down and you can close the window.

Find Windows PC Model Number through the operating system


If your computer will not turn on, you can also check for the model number on the bottom of a laptop, the plastic bezel surrounding the laptop screen, underneath a removeable laptop battery, or on the sides or front of a desktop. Sometimes, particularly with Dell’s and HP’s, you will find a sticker with a Service Tag, this will work without a model number(serial numbers don’t always do the trick for PC’s but if that’s all you have, send it anyway).

Physical PC Model Number

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