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When you need it the most, we can get your data back!

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Frank's having a bad day. Luckily there's Geeky Clean PC data recovery services. Data recovery services make Frank happy

Frank isn’t happy. Smashing his laptop with a hammer should fix things right away.

This is Frank. Dont’ be like Frank. Have a back up plan in place for all of your most important files, photos and videos. Thankfully for Frank, Geeky Clean PC’s got his back when it comes to data recovery. By providing a real live person to talk to and office to visit, Geeky Clean PC is able to help Frank, and everyone else like him who forgot to back up their data before that huge, once in a lifetime project. Frank….funny guy…


Our Data Recovery Services Include

  • Free Evaluation, so no commitment
  • Free Return Shipping, it’s a fair trade
  • Flash Drive, External and Internal Hard Drive Recovery, or anything thing else that stores data
  • Experienced Data Recovery Professionals

  • All Work Completed In-House
  • Your Data Is 100% Secured At All Times
  • Certified Class-100 Clean Room environment
  • Most Recoveries Completed In 7 Business Days or less
  • Expedited services available, so you’ll be back in business in no time



We perform data recovery on Computers, Laptops, External Hard Drive, Flash Drives, Cameras and Memory Cards, and Internal Hard Drives

Here are some of the different types of media we can recover data from. If in doubt, we can probably get something from it!

.                         Computers                            External HDD                       Flash Drive                             Camera                                     Hard Drives



Don’t Risk What’s Important to You!

When you need data recovered in the final hour of that project, assignment or presentation put your data in the hands of a company with a track record of success. We make sure to fully evaluate each and every case to ensure every possible precaution is taken to get your data back.

We Are The Choice For Retrieving Lost Data

  • Hard Disk Damage Due To Electrical Surge
  • Fire or Flood Damaged Hard Drives
  • Head Replacements On Clicking Hard Drives With Physical Failures
  • Degraded RAID Arrays; RAID 5 and RAID 6
  • Accidental Deletion or Format
  • Solid-State Drive (SSD) No Longer Recognized
  • Seized Spindle Motors, Platter Swaps

Our specialized data recovery team focuses on one thing and one thing only. Data Recovery. From Hard Drive repair and recovery to RAID or SSD Recovery our team can do it all. We offer flat rate pricing so you don’t play the guessing game. You know exactly how much you will pay if we are able to recover your data.

Flat Rate Pricing & Every Fee We Charge : How’s That For Communication?

Data Recovery

Hard Drives (HDD) & Solid State Drives (SSD) : $699.99

External Hard Drives (SSD or HDD): $799.99

Special Cases!!

Over 2 TB Drive : Add $100

Encrypted Drive : Add $100

Transfer Drives : Starting at $75  Free 1TB transfer drive for limited time. 2TB drive is additional $25

Pro Tip: Get your own ahead of time and save some dough, money, moolah, change…

Deleted Files/Formatted Drive: Full Up Front Fees. This is the lowest probability of recovery situation 🙁 If you wish to have us try and recover your data we require full payment up front regardless of the result. This is because we have to go through the entire process in order to check results vs other recovery situations. Please feel free to call about this

Donor Drives: Sometimes we need to special order a part or two to complete the recovery. In most cases the part will be about $50 so we will ask you if this is okay first.

Hard Drive Removal: FREE!!! We aren’t here to nickel and dime you!!




We perform data recovery where other’s cant!

Get the most reliable Data Recovery service in USA. Data Recovery is quite a tricky and laborious process that is often not possible without the knowledge of expert data recovery techniques. Sometimes data can be deleted due to an incorrect command, whereas, at other instance a system cleaner can wipe some important directories. Even viruses and numerous other malware types can corrupt or delete your data. Furthermore, data is often overwritten after the re-installation of an operating system, which occurs due to a virus infection, corrupt files, a damaged boot loader and the like. But it is not just deletion of data that leads to data loss, as data can also be lost when your hard drive crashes or SD Card becomes non responsive.

No matter the reason we’ve got a data recovery solution!

If your hard drive has crashed, you have suffered from a virus infection or for some reason are being unable to access your data, then we can resolve your problems. We are Data Recovery experts who can recover your lost data from any kind of physical or virtual hard drive, USB, External Drive, SD Card, internal storage medium, RAID, etc. so don’t wait another minute. We can recover data from numerous devices and provide anything from Laptop Data Recovery, Mac Data Recovery, Tablet Data Recovery, Smartphone Data Recovery, Server Data Recovery to Virtual Machine Data Recovery. Lost or deleted partitions, firmware corruption or fully formatted drives, and other disk problems can be easily resolved by our technicians. We provide fast and efficient recovery of all kinds of FAT, NTFS and virtual disks, including VMDK, VDI and others.


*Free external hard drive is good for 1TB drive only. Each additional 1TB in size is $25.